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One of the first things we learned in starting our small business is the importance of relationship capital. We want to help you with anything brand and design related, so your partnership with Wood Over Water goes beyond the services you choose.

Your brand is the face of your business and the first and last thing a customer thinks of. That means your brand is a life long commitment, and that's what we promise when you choose us. We will be here for you during these initial stages, and along the way, to help guide and optimize your brand as your business grows.


We will work with you to start the creative process or help expand on an existing idea. Whether it be a business concept, company name, or innovative ideas on how to acquire new customers or retain current ones, the first step to great design is generating and developing basic elements of thought.


Once the idea is solidified, strategic project planning is needed for any go-to-market strategy. This could be anything from communication plans, branded collateral, budget management, or environmental design. This step is important in ensuring and supporting the company’s growth.


If done correctly, good design should educate, motivate and inspire the audience. We aim to build a brand identity and supporting elements that create a strong impression, convey key information, narrate your story, and build customer trust.


Our goal is to get your shiny new brand to market. We are committed to executing designs and strategies that are fully embraced by customers (plus stakeholders and employees). We want to get your brand in front of them at the right time, in the right place, and in the right context.

Our Process

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What Others are Saying


Maria's attention to detail and ability to keep projects moving forward in order to meet client deadlines proved invaluable for new businesses and existing client initiatives. Maria helped the company achieve numerous awards and recognition and she is a true asset to the team.

Jillian D.


Maria is one of the most creative designers I've ever had the pleasure to work with. But beyond her big ideas and even bigger smile, she takes her craft and her brands very seriously. You can depend on her to dig through the clutter, ask the right questions, and discover potential project pitfalls no one else would catch. She is a one-woman dynamo and the quality of her work shows it.


An absolute gem of a creative director. I have personally relied on Maria to develop and deliver pivotal creative and experience projects. She delivers every time with a personal passion that drives quality and results. She seamlessly transitions from theory and whiteboards to tactical delivery. I proudly recommend talking to her about your creative, engagement, and experience needs.

Adrienne D.

Dave A.

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