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Creative & Design Solutions

We Give Your Idea or Business an Identity

Whether it be starting a new business, or optimizing an existing one, Wood Over Water will help create brand momentum, provide big solutions to small ideas, and give your business an identity.

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Some of Our Work

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Some of Our Specialties

Logos & Branding

Beyond just a memorable logo, good branding increases the value of your business, establishes a tone for employees, and makes acquiring new customers easier. Our innovative designs will differentiate you from the competition and elevate your brand.

Digital Marketing

Once your brand is established, you will need a digital space for customers to go to, and a website is a great way to promote your product or service. Our online experiences are not only easy to navigate but created to really showcase your brand and what you offer.

Creative Strategy

Every company needs to define their what, how, and why to reach marketing goals and business objectives. Our strategies do just that by promoting customer engagement through creative and well-executed plans.


About Us

Have you heard the saying "small but mighty"? That's what we think we are. With over 15 years of corporate advertising and marketing experience, we're stacked with the knowledge and strategies of some of the biggest brands.


Verizon, TJX, Stein Mart, PetSmart, HPE and Home Shopping Network are just a few we've had the pleasure of working with during our corporate tour, and we've seen what works and what doesn't. Your identity is the visual connection customers make, your biggest investment, and we're ready to bring this insight to you!

Our creative and design solutions are founded by the elements wood and water. We are sturdy and reliable in the way we do business, yet not perfectly permanent. Our strategies are fluid with the transitional markets, and our designs are essential for the birth and life of your brand.



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